National Gas Expansion Programme (NGEP)

The National Gas Expansion Programme will accelerate the transition of Nigeria to a post-oil era, promote the domestic use of cleaner fuels, and prepare the CNG market for export opportunities.

Track 1

The downstream sector will be engaged to develop modular Compressed Natural Gas refilling plants for the distribution of gas.

Track 2

The National LPG Expansion Implementation Plan will oversee and drive all the disparate efforts undertaken by industry stakeholders to promote LPG consumption in Nigeria. Working with private sector developers, the project will organise the sector to support conversion from the use of traditional fuels like kerosene, wood etc. to the use of cleaner LPG fuel. The project will engage with private sector to promote the distribution and domestic manufacture of cylinders and other accessories to encourage expand the adoption and use of LPG.

Where We Are

Here are our Statistics... Numbers tell a story

1 Million


30 Million


5 Million

Tonnes of Gas