Fiscal and Monetary Measures

The Plan is based on several pillars. Fiscal and monetary measures will be taken to maximise government revenue and entrench a regime of prudence with an emphasis on achieving value for money. Our goal is to keep the economy active through carefully calibrated regulatory interventions designed to boost domestic value-addition, de-risk the enterprise environment, galvanise external investment and sources of funding while rationalising existing debt obligations and providing support to both the State Governments and business sectors negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The role of government, (in the fiscal, monetary and real sectors) is to be the provider or facilitator of resources for private sector programmes, and ultimately to ensure offtake of whatever is produced in the designated sectors. This means that government will arrange offtake for work done, houses built, or goods produced. These measures include:

  • Immediate Fiscal Measures
  • Fiscal Measures to Safeguard Oil Revenues
  • Fiscal Measures to Mobilise and Preserve Non-Oil Revenues
  • Fiscal Measures to Reduce Non-Essential Spending
  • Monetary Policy Measures
  • Measures to Mobilise External Support and Funding
  • Measures to Collaborate with and support the States
  • Measures Requiring Legislative Support
  • Cross Cutting Imperatives for a Post-Covid Economic Recovery
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